This chameleon-like globe-trotter has landed in the Rejertilla where his various knowledge gives him resources that make him an indispensable part of our gear. Its spiky figure on the back of our horses make it our peculiar Quixote.
La Rejertilla started its activities in 1998, with horse riding tour and summer's camp. The family company grew up over time, developping new activities and ideas, like outdoor adventures.
Until 2015, when the complexe was reformed as an hostel, open for everyone, throughout the year.

Nowadays, the Rejertilla is an singular site, where you can meet very diferents travellers, crazy about sports, adventures, nature like families looking for relax and freshair.

Always looking to get better, we aspire to be for out visitor a special enclave to disconnet en harmony with the natural environment and a meeting place for nature's lovers. 
Company registered as outdoor's activities AT/MA/00046

We are a campany of outdoor's activities situates in the hearth of the
Sierra de las Nieves. Our activities belong to “outdoor's activities, environmental education and sustainable
A breath of fresh air coming from beyond the Pyrenees, passioned by horses, she's a tireless and generous worker, very avaible for person who visits us. Behind his humility lies a thirst for knowledge worthy of admiration.
A good Team with a good feeling with mutual ambition : That live our little paradise called Rejertilla.
Above all, La Rejertila is a familial company, who grewup in the Sierra de las Nieves.  While the was ceciendo, La Rejertilla was changing, improving to become the great company yhat it is today.
Jorge A.

Restless biologist collaborator habitual of the Rejertilla. It does not stop to experience in the agricultural world, the olives and bees are his passion although its wide spectrum of knowledge makes it complement us of ideal form.

Orchestra man, his career is inextricably linked to the Rejertilla. He ensures that the virtuous pieces of this great team are matched and complement.

Mountaineers who are few resists, founders of the brother club "sierra de las nieves" their advice and collaboration on climbing issues; Canyoning and extreme adventures is indispensable.

We can only thank this eminent scientific doctor in marine biology for his invaluable help in any of our adventures. His technical advice and his incomparable verbiage elevate the spirit of our team
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Our 18 años of experience, our will and desire of sharing out passion give you the guarantee of quality's services.
Contact us :

(+34 )  649 . 49 . 75 . 31
(+34 )  951 . 19 . 63 . 24