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In a game of paintball two teams face each other in order to eliminate all the players of the opposing team or complete an objective (such as capturing a flag or eliminating a specific player).
A typical game of paintball usually lasts about five minutes to half an hour.

Las posibilidades de las cuales disponemos para la practica de paintball son las siguientes:

Capture the flag from the opponent’s base at the opposite end of the field and return to their own base to win the game.
Like capture the flag, except that there is only one flag in a neutral location in the centre of the field. The victory is achieved by capturing the flag and taking it to a predetermined area, usually the place of departure from the opposing team.

The goal is to eliminate all members of the rival team.


A modern version of Centerflag, similar to hockey, participating teams of 5 members per side, in 2 rounds, against the clock, the winning team is the one that wins the most battles (points).

We arrange a series of targets identified in a tour and in a limited time you have to shoot at targets (getting points). The winner is the player who gets most points.

2 hours ans 100 balls       25 €
100 balls aditionnal 6 €

Material provided by the Company
A marker (gun) to shoot balls of paint.
Goggles or face mask to protect the eyes and face from impact.
Beads of paint, gelatine capsule the size of marbles filled with "paint" (colour polyethylene).
Charger paint balls to go and feed the paint ball marker.

Outdoor clothing which enables you to run, crouch, crawl, and so on.
a cap
Footwear appropriate to the terrain and comfortable to run in, it is also important to support the ankles.
and you may want to have so much fun!

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